Project Lyttelton

Project Lyttelton is a non-profit grassroots organisation committed to building sustainable, connected community. We aim to "be the change we wish to see in the world" (a quote attributed to Gandhi).

Through a range of innovative projects, PL is harnessing the power of community and fostering hope and inspiration to create a collective future. Our values-based approach is inclusive and participative - we recognise all people have intrinsic value.

Some of our projects include; supporting local food production, minimising waste and creating ways to re-use, reduce and recycle, creating opportunities for people to come together to play, share information and skills, and the initiatives continue grow!

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Other Projects (without Facebook Pages)

  • The Garage Sale - Community wide garage sale where local community groups can book a Garage Sale day to raise funds, while cycling used gear through the community
  • Grow Harbour Kids - School & Preschool program to grow, harvest, and cook that food with kids at harbour schools & preschools
  • Community Garden - Grow food alongside other community members, learn how to garden
  • Lift Library - Wide range of books available on a lifelong membership, community library with flexible loan times
  • Spring Festival of Change - Challenge yourself to a new initiative in waste minimisation, environment, wellbeing and/or food
  • Collett's Corner - Oxford Street x London Street community park area with a pump bike track, busking area, and Harbour Bazaar (Saturdays)
  • Welcome Bags - Community made reusable shopping bags given to new Lyttelton residents filled with local information & goodies & local seeds from the Community Garden
  • Harbour Vouchers - Gift Voucher program for all local businesses - great for Holiday gifts as recipients can use them at any participating local business - last count had 33 local businesses participating!
  • Lyttelton Fruit & Vege Collective - Cheap, bulk fruit & veggies from local growers
  • Hungry Bin Worm Farms - Sale of large specialised worm farms that can process up to 2kg of kitchen waste a day and are on wheels for easy moving.
  • Lyttelton Coffee Cups - Replacing disposable cups with reusable ones for local coffee shops & the Farmer's Market - and managing these cups, while also helping local coffee companies to use biodegradable or properly recyclable take away cups.

The Portal, 54A Oxford St, Lyttelton 8082