Tracey McLellan MP for Banks Peninsula

Tracey McLellan grew up in Southland and made Christchurch home in 2002. She is the proud parent of two sons, Jake and Taylor, and she is delighted to be the Labour candidate for Banks Peninsula.

Tracey attended the University of Canterbury where she graduated with a PhD in Psychology and worked for a number of years in clinical research. Her focus was to better understand different dementia disorders and what happens after childhood brain injury. Tracey currently works as an organiser for the New Zealand Nurses Organisation, supporting our nurses working in primary health and across the health sector.

An avid cricket fan, with no cricket talent, Tracey has also been lucky to combine her love of sport and science by working to improve the way concussion is managed in sport.

Tracey is the Senior Vice President of the Labour Party and has been active in the party since 2011. She is passionate about people and wants to contribute to the next Labour-led government to build on the progress that’s already been made – she is determined that people remain at the heart of everything we do.

An effective, compassionate, and fierce advocate, Tracey will work hard in Banks Peninsula to earn the trust of those who have been so well represented by Ruth Dyson for 27 years.


642 Ferry Road, Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand