Kotahi Engineering Studio

The Company

At Kotahi, we are engineers with a difference. Yes, we’re detail oriented — extremely so. But it’s the way we work together with our clients that sets us apart. Just like our clients, we’re real people. We leave our ego at the door and we collaborate as a team with one goal in mind: the best possible solution for each project at hand.

That means we challenge conventional thinking when we need to, we work with a yes attitude and we stay focused on the horizon, while always considering the landscape in between.

We are a no surprises, all-in, concerted approach to engineering solutions.

Diverse Minds - One Team

To help people, businesses and communities flourish – that’s our shared goal.

Our specialist and experienced team are dotted throughout New Zealand to ensure we can service our clients in a more personal way, on the ground when they need us.

Versatile, agile and nimble, we work alongside our clients from early planning through to design, construction and final signoff. Our approach prioritises innovation, but never at the expense of quality. And with environmental impact a key consideration, you’ll find our environmental engineers contributing on all projects.

Altogether, we work with the future in mind while delivering your needs today.

Complex Challenges - Seamless Solutions

When a project feels chaotic, we come in and make sense of it, creating seamless solutions for even the most challenging projects.

We do this by asking the right questions, to reveal what really matters. Then, and only then, our expert team works with key stakeholders to deliver the tailored services you actually need.

Of course, while we make the complex seem simple, there’s an incredible amount of activity going on under the surface. Day-to-day, we’re busy keeping all the moving parts in order, providing detailed documentation and achieving the highest possible standard on every stage of every job.

Our name, Kotahi, means Together as One

Kotahi is how we work – together with each other, with our clients and with our partners.

Kotahi is what we do – solve multiple (or a host) complexities to determine a clear course.

Kotahi is why we do it – to help people, businesses and communities flourish.

Kotahi is what we achieve – your success is our success.

We are engineers who are not only about engineering. We are a team working with you, together as one.


5 Norwich Quay, Lyttelton, New Zealand