Lyttelton Distillery Company Ltd

We are a small (but constantly growing) artisan small-batch distillery established in 2017 and which brought to market in 2019 its popular 'Peninsula Gin' ( a medal winner at the 2020 NZ Wine & Spirits Awards). 

This will be followed soon by 'Harbour Rum' (made in the traditional style found in the Dominican Republic) and then by an as-yet unnamed Limoncello. Different styles of gin are also currently under trial.

You can enjoy Peninsula Gin in several bars/restaurants in Lyttelton and purchase it by the bottle at a number of liquor stores in the city and further afield (see our website for a detailed list.

We are applying for a licence to permit sales direct to the public via our website, and soon we hope to be offering tastings and bottle sales at the Saturday Lyttelton Farmers Market.


London Street (access from Canterbury Street carpark)