Ruth Dyson MP for Port Hills

Ruth is determined to create and implement a plan to retain skilled and passionate people in the Canterbury region. She aims to include people, particularly young people, in the thinking and planning for the future to create a committed, passionate community in Canterbury.  Ruth thrives on working with and for the diverse communities within her electorate of Port Hills.

About Ruth

  • Involved in women’s organisations, peace movement and environmental groups since early 1970s
  • Campaigner for Kerry Burke 1981 & 1984
  • Campaign worker for Fran Wilde on Homosexual Law Reform Bill 1984
  • Women’s Representative, New Zealand Council of the New Zealand Labour Party 1984
  • Executive Member, New Zealand Labour Party 1986
  • Senior Vice President, New Zealand Labour Party 1987
  • Campaign organiser for Fran Wilde 1987
  • President, Labour Party 1988-1993
  • Member of Parliament 1993-present, including 9 years as a Minister
Ruth Dyson

642 Ferry Road, Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand