Te Puna Auaha


“A makerspace (or “hackerspace”) is a community operated, often “not for profit” workspace where people with common interests can meet, socialise and collaborate.”

Who we are

Te Puna Auaha intends to enable all of the above, and to take things further into the social enterprise model with a strong push on sustainability, recycling, upcycling, community and mental health support.

We believe that there was/is a need for all of these things to be operating at a community level and the Covid-19 pandemic has further reinforced that belief. Coming out of a crisis, whether that’s earthquake, wildfires, terrorist attacks or pandemics, the strain on individuals and communities seems palpable. We want to provide a safe and productive space for people to come to and to engage and feel productive and appreciated.

We plan to get this model up and running here in Lyttelton and, if successful, we hope to transplant the idea to other communities looking to engage with their people.

Julia Fenn
Sarah Pritchett

7 Norwich Quay, Lyttelton, New Zealand